• Meat & Ingredients

    Pork needs to be seasoned and smoked properly to bring out the best flavor. So we smoke Boston Butts with real hardwoods to make sure you get the best robust flavored pork. — Read More

  • Cooking & Serving

    Rusty’s hickory smoked pulled pork is prepared the old fashion way…low and slow. Then our pulled pork is flash frozen to ensure the flavor and is ready to heat and eat! — Read More

  • Heart Smart Seasonings

    Heart Smart Seasoning is a low-sodium all natural blend of over 8 spices and seasonings created to bring out the full flavor of meats, veggies and more without over salting your dish. — Read More

  • Cooking Methods

    Our Heart Smart Seasonings have been used in the following marinating/cooking methods:

    • Smoking & Grilling
    • Baking & Broiling
    • Frying & Steaming
    • Crock Pot
    • Rub • Injectable Marinade • Brine
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